talk to her first or cut her off?

shes been my bestfriend for 14 years. I don't usually tell my friends about my relationship problems because I prefer not to have other people opinion on relationships when they're not in a stable one themselves.. but like everyone sometimes you just need to vent without needing to hear anyone opinion unless you ask for it. (little back story) I love my girl but I made a mistake ones and got into with my husband I front of her and she had way to much to say and I had to tell her to mind her business that if they had anything to say she could wait till after and tell me. well this weekend I had a welcome baby for son and my first situation was with my oldest child father, he took her for the day we agreed she would be back by 6 he ignored all my calls and dropped her off at 9. when he arrived to told him that next time stick to the plan my bestfriend tells me I front of my child father it's not that serious I gave her a look and she walked away. she then took it into her own hands to go to my husband and tell him I was bitching at my child father for not picking up my phone calls I'm not to sure how she replied it to him but he felt the need to ask me why I was so worried about were he was I was so confused but the next day we spoke and I understood why he thought there was for to it. but then he tells me this isn't the first time she goes out of her way to tell him something I'm doing or about a conversation we had even the ones that had nothing to do with my husband. so now I'm wondering what are your intentions girl??

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