How long did it take to love your breasts again after weight loss?


I've always been slightly overweight, not quite obese but too large for my liking. When I was 15 I finally started getting boobs and was a 38C for a while. When I started to lose weight I changed to a 36D and loved that size. I was still overweight but my boobs made me feel confident and made up for me not liking the rest of my body. I'm now 19 and I've been vegan since January now and as a result I've been slowly losing weight. I was super happy about it and from all the research I've done it's all healthy weight loss because my body is doing it slowly and working towards my natural weight without any work from me - great! However, I've also lost weight in my boobs. I finally found a new bra that fit today and it's a 36C :/ I know it's just a size but I'm feeling really down about it because the rest of my weight loss is visible to me but I'm still a little 'chubby' and it could take a year or more for my body to settle at my natural weight. Basically I've lost the proportions I used to have of a larger bust and hips but smaller waist and I now have a smaller everything but obviously my ribcage isn't going to change so my boobs look small. If the rest of me was small I wouldn't mind but I'm back to how I felt before getting boobs and struggling to find things I like about my body :/

How long did it take you to adjust to your new bra size after weightloss? Any tips?

I tried a couple plunge and push up bras today but they were super uncomfortable or gave my double boob -.- I don't really want one though because I know it will just make me feel worse when I take it off, help?