HELP!!! Help me understand!!! Please!!!!

Lakeyshea • I`m Keysh. I`m 34 years old. I have 3 boys. Elijah-10, Jeremiah-9 and Robert 2
I'm scared to take a test, because I want to be pregnant so bad, I've  taken two test so far and both said negative! I have this app and another app! This app said I was supposed to come on on the 3rd Of July but I didn't. So it changed it to yesterday's date.. And I didn't come on. Now this app is saying I'll be on on the 14th. The other app says I should be starting on the 9th which is tomorrow. I dnt feel like I shld be starting. No cramps nothing. I have been eating like crazy and tired as hell.. But I feel like because I work and go to school. But my man keeps thinking I am and I keep having dreams tht I am. But scared to take the test! Dnt want to see another negative! What you all think?!?!