He was weird about Snapchat 🙄


So tonight, me and my husband were out on a date. Sometimes we play around with each other and send each other texts and snaps even if we’re in the same room. Well tonight it was just me and him at a table and I sent a silly snap to him. His phone was already open to Snapchat. It was laying on the table and I could see his “conversations” window (if that makes sense). So I could see my new unopened snap to him, and I said “hey let me see your phone for a second” because, you know.... I wanted to change my name on his Snapchat from ‘Em’ to ‘Goddess’ 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Anyways... he immediately was like “hold on” and grabbed his phone up ASAP and boy were his thumbs MOVIN’. So fast. I was like “whoa hold up what are you doing over there?!” And he said he had just taken a picture of me on Snapchat and was about to post it but when I asked to see his phone he thought he had better delete it....

Not so fast, buddy.

I saw your Snapchat. There was NO PICTURE up. None. Nada. Zero. Then, of course, when I called him out on it he got really defensive. Idk, I just feel like he’s trying to be slick but he’s doing a pretty bad job at it 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s like he had something to hide but he had to delete it first so I wouldn’t see. *sigh*