Doctor frustration.

So, I need some advice. 
Yesterday I went to my regular Obgyn appointment and my doctor asked me if I was put on iron pills because my iron is a little low. I told him no, so he said he'd send a prescription to my rite aid. Well, I stopped at rite aid to see if they were in after my appointment ( we went to the grocery store before we stopped). And they weren't called in. Okay. So today I call my doctors office and the nurse is so eager to speak to me and says that in the computer there's a note that says "urgent &I emergency" because my iron is so low and has been for weeks. I went four weeks previous of my appointment yesterday for my gluecose test, they took blood and checked everything. Two weeks after that I asked how everything was and they said fine.. Then it's a little low &I the nurse tells me she called me multi times ( I didn't receive any calls &I she didn't leave any messages). She also says she called my fiancé. Which is my emergency contact. 
Well, after all of this. I finally goT the pills. Which isn't the point, wether is really low or not I feel like it shouldn't of taken so long for them to tell me I needed iron pills.. My fiancé and mom are so mad.  I'm 32 weeks. 
My question is, how would you react to a situation like this?