Menstruating for 17 days with no signs of slowing down..

Amber • 27 • pcos warrior • mom of 5 yr old • miscarriage at 9 wks after 2 yrs ttc • 3rd month ttc our rainbow baby
I have always had super irregular cycles, often I would skip periods all together with no explanation. I've gone thru times when I would bleed for only 2-3 days to times I've bled for 5 weeks or more. I was put on provera for several months to help regulate things before I conceived my 1st child (who is now 18 months old) & now am ttc #2 & up until last month I hadn't had any irregularity Issues as far as bleeding too long or too little, I had skipped a period or 2 but hadn't really paid it that much attention. Well this month I have been bleeding for 17 days with no signs of slowing down. I really don't want to do provera again but I feel like my chances of conceiving are limited due to irregular ovulation. Dows anyone know an alternative solution, have any advice or maybe know the cause of this? Any feedback is appreciated ladies!