Discharge question? Gross i know

Alyssa šŸŒø ā€¢ Hi Im 23 Recently Got Married December 13,2014šŸ’™ To My Bestfriend. We`ve Been Trying To Concieve For 2Months Now.
So I've had sore boobs since ovulation around the 30-1. They are still sore. I've been cramping for the past two days today was worse and when I went to the restroom I noticed there was a thick and sticky white discharge , not a lot but enough. It didn't have a smell to it. Anyone know what that could be ? Is it to early to test ? All things make me think and feel pregnant but I'm so scared to assume because I know how much of a disappointment that will be to find out I'm not. Oh and my boobs are hard and swollen. They seem like they grew lol