Nipple questions from a soon to be FTM

Kathryn • I'm 31, married to a great man. We have two dogs and a cat. This will be our first human baby💝
I will be a ftm in October and this may be a dumb question but what about pumping? Are nipples still going to be red & angry with pumping? Not like ALL the time but you know so my hubby can feed too. I don't want bloody nipples😖 I don't want chapped, crusty nipples. how do we get help for this? Do I start putting Chapstick on them!? Don't laugh! I'm totally serious. We lather our bellies for stretch marks. What about the beanies?!? (Nipples. I call em beanies.) I like the idea and seeing breastfeeding as bonding time but DANG! Why does it have to be so hard on the nips?!