Am i wrong?

Ok so about 3yrs ago i had a tubal pregnancy i was about 8weeks along...back story for about 3yrs prior to my tubal pregnancy i had been trying to become pregnant it never happened til 10/31/11i took a test found out i was pregnant 4weeks went by and me and my SO knew about my pregnancy but then i started to bleed i went to the doctor they told me to go to the ER i went and was told i had a tubal pregnancy and they had to remove the fetus...obviously i was very messed up after loosing the baby to this day i still cry...very recently my mother and i got into a fight about the whole situation and i got emotional she said "i shouldn't be so hurt about it because i was only 8weeks along plus she's had early miscarriages as well and i don't see her crying over it"...question is am i wrong for still hurting over the death of my unborn??