Do any of you get freaked or grossed out about all this stuff

Amber-Nicole • I am a high school theater teacher in Mississippi and I run a not for profit children`s educational theater.
I come from a very reserved and restricted family. My mom never talked to me about anything, I mean anything no sex talk( well other than to say it was nasty, obscene and evil) no baby talk, no V ( Vigina) word ever. So coming frome this back ground I struggle with all of this stuff. Like a cervical check (ew) I even struggle with sex in general . It hard for me to not feel guilty, even though I am married , I was so indoctrinated that sex was bad or gross and ungodly that I really have a hard time with all of it. And I want a baby so bad that I am trying to push myself beyond my moms parenting. So what I am asking is am I the only one that goes ew , and freaks out about all this stuff some time ?