Devastating News... :(

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 6 months now. I know it's not very long but it was discouraging every time I got a negative on a pregnancy test. I couldn't understand what was up. We are both 23, healthy, and I've had regular periods my whole life and had been tracking my ovulation and all that good stuff. But I had a feeling something was wrong. Call it intuition, but I couldn't shake the idea that something wasn't "normal". 
So we had my husband do a semen analysis and a week after the test we got the results. He has severe abnormal sperm morphology. Which essentially means the sperm are so disfigured that they can't make the journey up to the egg, let alone be able to penetrate it. The doctor said because he has less than 5% normal sperm the chances of conceiving naturally are very, very poor. We both cried and cried and it was one of the most difficult days we have had. 
This is just the hand that life has delt us and we are both very positive and optimistic individuals. But at the same time we had those thoughts of "why us?" "This isn't a part of the plan" "what did we do to deserve this?" We support each other through anything and this hasn't changed our love one bit. We will do anything we can to eventually conceive. But since the costs of invitro/ICSI is incredibly high we realize we will have to put it on the back burner for now. But of course still continue to conceive naturally cause there's always a chance we will find success that way. (so you're saying there's a chance?) Dumb and Dumber anyone?
I'm glad we found this out relatively early so that we can spend the next chapter of our lives finding out a solution and strengthening our bond rather than be continuing worrying if something is wrong. 
I've never posted in Glow before but this has been eating a way at me and it feels good just to let it all out. Just curious if anyone else has or is going through this as well. And what you all did to cope? I connect with a lot of your ladies stories and Glow has been an incredible resource for me. Thank you for reading :)