PCOS Frustration!

Hi all!! I was recently officially diagnosed with PCOS although I've had symptoms for the past 5 yrs but my past doctors didn't want to diagnose me as having it. So now I have TYPE 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure and overweight and hair growth on my face!!!... Omg so Annoying every day I'm extremely depressed cuz I'm now trying to consieve and nada is working for my Fiancé and I.... we have been trying for the last 2 yrs on our own and the last 2 months with metformin and now my doctors are allowing me to see infertility doctors.... The main part that really gets me upset is that the doctors are like exercise and diet will better ur chances... in my mind im like F*** that cuz I know plenty of ppl who are over weight having kids, ppl who smoke drink and do drugs are having kids and this illness/condition I have prevents me from giving birth... puts me in a really dark place sometimes.... on another note I'm still pushing forward and will continue to take metformin and seek advice from infertility doctors and continue to work out and eat better and hopefully some good news come my way soon:)... but just had to get that off my chest anyone else have similar feelings... please share or is it just me lol