Glow Contest: No Makeup Selfies!



Post a makeup-free selfie! Let your beautiful, natural faces glow. And comment to tell your sisters what is beautiful about them :)






There will be three winners:


1) The selfie with the most likes


2) The selfie with the most comments about what makes her beautiful


3) A randomly chosen winner who posts her selfie on Instagram @GlowHQ with the hashtag #GlowNaturalSelfie (Hint: we typically have much lower participation for contests on Instagram, which means posting on Insta gives you the best chance of winning!!)




You can pair it with a makeup selfie too for fun, but we mainly want to see you au naturel 😊 And get creative! This isn't a beauty contest. It's for fun!




Also, know that this week's contest is inspired by this incredible effort to combat cyber-bulling. So post to take a stand and comment to support your sisters! 👯




The contest ends on Monday, 7/13 @ 10am PST.




The our winners are...

Brittnay with the most likes!

Rashay with the most comments!

And Tessa from Instagram!


Thanks for participating, everyone!