Excitinggg news!

Soooo this is crazy. 
On my Glow 2months ago i had sexual relations on a day that told me my chances of conceiving where 3%.( i always notate the day i have sex w, my on and off bf) 
A month after i was feeling WEIRD. 
2weeks ago i took a pg ts, negative. That same day i ate a slice of pizza which i eat almost everyday on my break, and it tasted DISCUSTING! 
I poked it out, i DO NOT puke easly unless i a hungover.  
That was the last time i had sex bc my bf left to puerto rico & came back 3days ago. Left for two months the same day we had sex. 
Okay, so here comes the weekend i got absolutely wasted. Here comes the hung over, how ever this hungover lasted a little too long. Monday, back to work, go buy my pizza idk why after what had happened on Thursday.   
As soon as i grabbed the pizza in my hands, it smelled horribly!!!! 
I told my coworkers bc we all eat from that pizza shop, and it smelled fine to them. I thought i was still hungover. I get home, my mom is cooking my favorite meal, i did not get to eat it becaue it "smelled really bad! "
My mom went and bought a one dollard Pg test, and booooooom! 
One week after the first test it was a BFP. Called out the nxt day went to my doc & ny pee also showed positive, blood levels aswell. 
I cant believe it happened on a 3% chance. Glow lied to me! Lol
Anyone else?