Losing weight/rant

Brittany • Mommy to a wonderful 6yr old boy, 2yr old girl and 1yr old girl.
I have now lost 7lbs in 4.5weeks due to the GD diet. I'm so hungry all the time. I feel like I'm starving my little lady. I'll be 35weeks on Sunday and haven't seen my OB since 31weeks cuz she got sick and was in the hospital. I won't see her until the 14th. I know I deff don't eat enough calories prolly around 800-1000 a day. My NST's are good tho.  I just feel like my diet and diabetes isn't being monitored close enough :-/ I had a growth scan at 29+4weeks and I'll be 35+ 3wks when I get another cuz my OBs been out of her office. I'm so worried to have a 9+lb baby or a hyperglycemic baby. Or even a small baby cuz she's not getting enough nourishment. I had GD with my 1st baby and he was born 11days early at 7lbs 10oz and I didn't lose any weight with my diet then. I gained 27lbs with him and with my weight loss this time I'm at a whopping 15lbs gained. I should be gaining 1/2 lb a week since she is supposed to be :-(  not losing it.