Feeling vs physical

I have a live in bf for over 2 years. I had just come out of dating around for 2 years. And before that it I was in an 11 year relationship. Broke up due to him relocating to another country and me not wanting to make the change. (I tried)

The guy I’m with now isn’t making me happy. Sure he cracks jokes and tries and We have jokingly laughs together. But I’m not happy. He isn’t what I was expecting in a man. I’m old fashioned yet I still manage to change some of my ways.

The run down of my life, my rent is 1,500, my car insurance is $185, my light bill is about under $100 if the ac isn’t running. It’s more during the 3 months of heat. I don’t have cable I only use Hulu $7 internet is $70, My phone bill that only I consume is $80. I go to the market and spend about $150 every 15 days.

Neither of us have kids. He just got a new job with benefits and union. Before this he was unemployed for about 10 months. And before that he got laid off from a good paying job. He was giving me $200 a week. Now he says he will start doing that again. But he still wants his own stuff separate from mine. Like snacks, toothpaste, I found cheese hidden way back in the fridge. (He knows I love cheese)

My point is, I don’t feel the “togetherness” your supposed to Feel in a long term relationship. I already told him this more then 5 times. Two weeks ago the week he started his new job I told him now that your on your feet you can go back to your moms house, I want to be alone. (I’m 37 he’s 31)

We haven’t done anything together in the 3 Years I’ve invested my time. The one time I planned a Halloween haunted house trip him and his friend canceled. I paid for the tickets in advance w my card. We gave his friend his money back.

I feel alone, we don’t have the same views in life. I’m his first relationship. I’m the first girl his family ever met. We’ve been together since he was 28 and I 35. He has no life experiences. No relationship experiences. What am I supposed to do?

Just now he asked if he can smoke weed in the living room while he watches a movie, I said no. We have neighbors. And I’ve had two complaints in two years. I said, smoke in the bedroom. He says then I have to start my movie over on the PS4 (my PS4 that I don’t even get to use) I heard him say, ima smoke in the bathroom. And walked inside the bathroom and slammed the door so loud that I’m upset. But now that’s he’s high he’s trying to make me laugh w jokes.

I’m giving this relationship till November. That’s when we make 3 years. And see if I can handle him or he’ll change😑 NOT

More back story: at the supermarket or clothing stores this man separates his stuff to not pay for “our” stuff! We live together! I know how to budget since I was 22 years old. He knows how to budget but just for himself. What should I do? Keep giving a grown man chances and waisting my time?