breech at 34 weeks

Michelle • 31 yrs old 💜 2nd baby 🤰🏽 Mommy to my princess 👑 another due Nov’2020

I'm just about 34 weeks and my daughter is breech. Also someone said she is really low and this might mean she does not want to come out even tho she's been low the entire time since day 1. I've had a feeling she wouldn't want to come out tho. She just seems very content in there if that makes any sense. I guess my mom instincts already have kicked in & I can just tell lol. This is my first pregnancy and everything has gone very smooth and easy and I didnt even have any symptoms. My dr said not to worry till 37 weeks but I keep reading that most women have already flipped. Should I be concerned? Anyone have this problem? When did your baby flip?