call me crazy


Hi ladies call me crazy but could this be a sign. So I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and so far it's been great feeling so blessed with our second baby. For the last 2 weeks of been asked multiple times if I'm having twins because my belly is already so big in such a small amount of time. Like I mentioned this is our second baby we already have a gorgeous 3 year old baby girl who has also been saying she's having 2 baby brothers. Tonight I was watching a movie with my hubby and I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a little handful of a kinetic sand something I've never done before I am just playing with it and it took me a minute to realize I had already done this twice

I put a little amount of it right on top of my belly. I laughed and told my husband look!! is this a sign "are we having a boy?" like I said I did it twice so "could it be twins?" lol I'm crazy yall but I cant wait to find out if it's only one baby in my tummy I have my first ultrasound this Thursday