BFN and now worried


So I should be 13 DPO and took a pregnancy test this morning as my period is due tomorrow and I wondered if anything would show up as so many women seem to get lines as early as 9dpo. I had what I thought was implantation bleeding last week, epic mood swings, lots of thick creamy goo, weird cravings, high temperature (caught a cold too!) and just generally feeling out of sorts.

Since the test is negative, I'm worried about the bleeding that I had last week. I had one wipe spotting on Wednesday followed by all sorts of creamy gunk on Thursday and now I'm worried about what it means. Was that my period? Do I have cervical cancer?!

I have my pap smear this Wednesday (1 day after AF is due so I may have reschedule if she does arrive) and my mind is racing with all the things that could be wrong with me. I'm scared. :(