Cramping ☹️


I found I’m pregnant Thursday , thought my period was on the way extremely sore breast, extremely tired and cramping but no blood yet not even spotting. My app says I’m 5wks 2 days haven’t been to the doctor yet to confirm how far along. My concern is I’ve been cramping still lightly in the past 2 days but every morning when I wake up I have terrible cramps( right now) usually if I fall back to sleep or start getting ready for work it’s gone but I’m still very concerned is this normal is it okay? I have no spotting at all and it’s not so bad that I crawl into a ball but it does hurt. Should I be worried or is this normal since I have no spotting ? Most of the cramping is just on my left side. I’m a first time mommy so this is my first pregnancy I don’t want to tell anyone yet so I need answers ladies! ☹️ my sister had to 2 miscarriages although women in my family never have problems during pregnancy or conceiving , my sister has. My doctor said it’s unlikely for me to have those issues since it isn’t something that runs in my family but that is my sister so ofc makes me wonder if it could be similar situations. ( on the bright side me and my sister are both pregnant and should be due days apart ! ) pray for us ladies 🙏🏻