Almost had a baby on the side of the road 😩

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A quick birth story and a few words of advice:

When I woke up on Friday morning to some cramps, I knew I was starting to go into labour. I started tracking all my contractions with an app. I even put on the β€œgo to hospital alert.”

I tracked my contractions all day and although they were getting very painful, they were irregular. Jumping from 4-9 minutes apart. They started getting closer to together and I decided to go into the bath to help with the pain. I ran the bath at 2:50 PM, texted my husband at 3 PM telling him to come home from work but I have time, texted him again at 3:08 PM to come home quickly.

All a sudden my contractions became one contraction and I had a urge to push. I got on the toilet and lost my mucous plug/ bloody show. I put my hands between my legs and I think I felt a sack. I was pushing with each contraction. 😩

My mom was there and she dressed me, some how got me into my husband’s truck. Left home around 3:20-ish PM, arrived at the hospital around 3:47 PM and had baby at 4:01 PM.

Water broke in the truck. I was unsafe without a seat belt but pretty sure I was crowning so could not sit. Needed to lay down. We also were on the phone with 911 while driving there and they determined that it was just as fast for us to drive to the hospital.

So ladies.... do NOT just focus on frequency and duration of contractions, also monitor intensity. My contractions never became regular but the intensity was the sign I should have gone in! I was just worried to be sent home again.

Lessons learnt πŸ’•πŸ’•