Recurring UTIs

Hey ladies anyone knows how to prevent recurring UTIs? I always get them and idk what it could be. For one I know it wasn’t sex because i was a Virgin and still got them recurringly.. I always have to go to the doctor for It. literally finished taking medication maybe a few weeks ago for it and now it’s back. I know it’s that bc I tested with the uti strips. I called to get a prescription refill and my freaking doctor declined it saying I need to come in. Which is pointless bc I already know what it is and she takes so long 😫 Then I’m starting my period tomorrow 😐 she tested me for stds last time also which came back negative so it’s not that and I haven’t had sex since. I started using vagisil feminine wash idk if that’s causing it. Can anyone who has them often help me out on how to reduce them from coming so often?