In laws& family..

I would love some opinions here.. Bare with me.. My husband and I are having our first child. Due to military we have moved 17+ hours away from ALL our family. For many reasons my doctor told me it wouldn't be a bad idea to think a C-section may happen. MAY. I know c-sections are tough on recovery, as well as natural deliveries. So this is where I need advice.. I feel most comfortable having my mom or sister come up and help me with the newborn right after either delivery, help me with changing, may see things such as bleeding, or my breast while I'm still learning to cover & her latch.. Etc. Because my husband will have to go to work for about a week before taking "daddy leave". BUT, I would rather everyone else just wait & come up about a week or so later once I've healed & am more into the routine of things. His family is pretty pushy & divorced. So its step parents, real parents, step siblings, grandparents, they all say they WILL be there once they know I'm in labor. Is it wrong of my to ask everyone to wait & not all be shoved in my face at my house for a week or so righty after having a baby & maybe a c section? Is it wrong to want my mother or sister to help me while my husband is at work for a week before everyone else comes up? I understand his parents want to see the baby ASAP as well, but they are bringing so many people & I feel they would be so much more help once I have healed some & better know my daughters schedule & covering when feeding her so his dad and others won't see anything. Am I just over reacting? Or if I tell everyone to wait should that mean everyone? Not let my mom come up & help me? I'm mostly afraid that they will be mad I asked my mother to come up right after she is born to help me & she gets to see the baby first before they do. 
Opinions PLEASE.