Living with your parents indefinitely; Is it a harmful lifestyle?


I know a woman who is 32 years old and still lives at home with her parents where they pay for her bills and more or less don't expect much from her. She has a college degree and works full time, but has no plans of ever leaving the nest or paying for her own bills. She has said openly "why would I choose to pay for necessities like rent and bills when I don't have to?" She is also (I'm assuming) aromantic, as she does not ever want a relationship with anyone. She is content just living at home like time has stood in high school.

My questions for Controversy Corner is, would you allow this of your child? Would you eventually make them move out and stop paying for them? Would you encourage them to try to find meaningful relationships, even friendships? Poll question: Do you think this is a harmful lifestyle, never growing up?

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