Kitty Litter

Mallory • 22 • Amelia Jean 11/1/18 • Baby #2 coming in May 2020• Navy Wife

I’m a first time mom at 21. I’ve had my cat (Baby) (yes her name is Baby, I just really love the movie Dirty Dancing). She has never been an outdoor cat. My midwife told my husband and I that I cannot change the litter anymore because of Toxoplasmosis. I read that it’s common to find in cat feces. I always wash my hands after doing the litter and I use one of those scoops. I’ve done it a few times while pregnant because my husband literally gags every-time he does it (it’s not that bad) and complains all the time so I suck it up and do it. Should I worry about getting Toxoplasmosis? She’s never been an outside cat and I wash my hands with hot water and antibacterial soap. Are there any other moms that have done this?