Please read. I need help 😔

Ladies I’m having such a hard time. Soo many women I know are pregnant or just had babies. They don’t even want them or weren’t even trying to get pregnant. Is it possible that I used to ovulate, and that I don’t anymore? I had a son 9 years ago, but I don’t even EVER see ANY cm. None the less the EWCM. I didn’t want to go the fertility drug, opk, stress route. But idk what to do bc I might not even be fertile. My periods are not ever the same length so it’s hard to know when I would actually be ovulating, if at all. My SO doesn’t want to get into all the fertility drugs and opks and it happen naturally and things are taking soo long that I think he doesn’t want to try hard anymore. It’s literally killing me. So if any of you could let me know, is it possible to stop ovulating, I’m only 30. And since my cycles are never the same length (anywhere from 26-32 days) can I even properly predict (without opks) my ovulation day???? Soo stressed. Sorry this is long I really would appreciate any help ladies. Thank you