Implantation bleeding?

While we were at the water park Saturday I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was a small amount of spotting. It was reddish pink. So I assumed it was my period starting because I’m super irregular and can go up to 4-5 moths at a time without a period. (Don’t you love surprises 🎉😂). Anyway so I threw on a panty liner and bought a small tampon from one of the bathrooms and went on about my day.

Later that evening when we returned home, I went to the bathroom to change the tampon and liner and there was nothing on the liner. The tampon had the same reddish pinkish spotting on it at the very top. It was hardly anything at all but it was there.

The next day (yesterday), the first wipe of the day was the same thing. Reddish/pinkish but not as much as the day before. But the rest of the day, every time I wiped it’s was a a decent amount brownish/black. Like and old blood look. Every time I wiped. It didn’t let up.

Today there’s nothing on the tissue. I haven’t had any cramping leading up to the last couple days of this spotting either.

Could this my period starting or is it implantation bleeding??

I’ve never really experienced this kind of spotting before. We’ve been TTC for about a year now so we have unprotected sex quite often. And like I said my periods are very random so it’s hard to track ovulation. Although, 3 weeks ago on May 23rd I had discharge which I thought indicated ovulation. It was like raw egg whites. Same consistency and everything. We did have sex that day and the day after on the 24th.

When should I test if it is implantation bleeding?