Am I miscarrying?

Lucy • 28/10/10 💏 25/08/17 👰🏻💍🎩 18/06/18 👼🏻 TTC 🌈🤱🏻

I’m really worried so thought I’d ask you lovely ladies.

I had a BFP on the Saturday and felt fantastic, I worked out I’m about 4weeks, it’s all we’ve wanted for such a long time but today (2days later) I’ve had brown/pink discharge/spotting on and off all afternoon. I took another test and it still said positive, but went to the doc, my BP and pulse was raised (mainly because I think i got myself worked up), and he did a test and it was negative.

The doc said it’s too early to tell. But could be miscarrying.. I haven’t had any clots as such and it’s only really been when I wipe.. have anyone had a similar experience with a positive outcome? Or anything similar?

I’m so lost... xxx