Eyebrow problems


So I has just started seeing my man and i was getting ready for the first time he was going to lay pipe, I’m in the mirror like

Put my best lashes on, glitter eyeshadow the whole 9. I arrive to his house feeling like Jesus himself beat my face for me

So we start slow you know kissing and what not eventually I let my hoe shine and we’re going at it hard, he decides to take control and flip me face down I’m trying to show my best posture like

So he buries my face in the pillow and at this point I forgot how beat my face WAS. We’re done and he’s starting at me I’m like wtf is he lookin at I mean I felt like one of my lashes was a little messed up but he was looking at me like he saw a ghost

I’m like, “what’s wrong why are you looking at me like that” he said “I don’t know how to say this but you’re missing an eyebrow” my heart dropped to my asshole I’m sitting there like

He said “don’t worry you still look beautiful” so then I’m like

If he thinks I’m beautiful with one brow he will think I’m beautiful through it all amirite hehe