Prom Look

Hi!!! I need some advice please!!! It’s my sixth form prom a week Wednesday and I’m doing my make up myself but don’t know what to do!?!?! I’m thinking going for this look but I don’t know whether to go for red or nude lipstick??? I’m limited on the eyeshadow I can use. My dress is mustard and all my accessories are rose gold/nudey pink. Any suggestions????

Also, what should I do with my hair?? I’m not very good at hair, it’s really thick and hard to tame, it gets greasy instantly if I get heat on the roots. TIA lovely ladies of glow xxx

As requested.... the outfit with accessories. Trying to go for pink eyeshadow to match the bag, brown shadow doesn’t suit me and wouldn’t go with this look... if you don’t like the make up could you please offer me alternatives