Do I go or stay?

Kate • 🎀 baby girl born December 22nd🎀

My boyfriend was just offered an amazing job across the country. He’ll go from making $50,000 a year to $70,000 and then up to $100,000 within the first two years. It’s an amazing opportunity. I know how badly he wants this.

But if we go, my credits won’t transfer to another college because of the scholarship I receive, so I’ll have to start over (I’ve only taken two classes so far so it’s not that big of a deal). He says this won’t be a permanent thing because he doesn’t want to live in that state forever, but I’m afraid he’ll change his mind once we get there. But I can’t let him pass up this opportunity.

We’ve been together three and a half years, and he won’t go if I don’t. I want to support him and be there for him, but I’m terrified of this. I should go, shouldn’t I? We talked about it in bed last night and he said that he’ll be proposing before we leave, so it’ll be sometime within the next year.

I really want to go with him, I just need a push and encouraging words from somebody.