If one more person asks "is baby here yet?"

Jenny • Mama to my sweet daughter and expecting #2 in July!
Is it me or does it REALLY piss you off when everyone keeps asking every day if there is "any news" or "where is this baby" or the best one... "you're still pregnant!!?"
HELLO I'm past my due date! Don't you think I'll inform you when my baby arrives? 
It's like every time someone asks... it's a constant reminder how my baby is not here yet, a reminder of how uncomfortable and impatient I am. I get tired of seeing my fb blow up with inquiring minds or checking my phone to see multiples missed calls (aka ignored calls) and text messages. 
It's really hard because on one hand I realize people are just curious and excited but common sense should tell you to be patient and wait.. the announcement will come when it comes! UGH! rant over.
Don't tell me to be grateful and appreciative either, I'm well over 40 weeks pregnant so I'm allowed to vent!