Breastfeeding pointers!! Implants!!! And a bad memory

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Ok ladies... my kids are teens. I didn’t BF my son he was tongue tied. I did BF my daughter but hated every waking moment of it, she had a latch that even the home nurse said was intense. My nipples bled and I wore the shields even. I gave up after 3 weeks. I was 21, with 2 kids and she was colic. A bottle calmed her(she also put down a 8oz bottle in under 10min when she was at that stage for 8oz)

Fast forward. It will be almost 13 years since I’ve had a baby latch.

I’m almost 19 wks, I really want to BF. Is there anything I can do to start preparing my breasts so it’s not such an intense pain. Or is that not normal and my kid was just a latch machine?

Also, bonus point if you have implants under the muscle. Was it harder to feed or same?

I don’t remember every aspect of being a single mom, I remember being lucky to take a shower, making sure they were cared for, and that wearing the same shirt 2 days in a row is perfectly acceptable. I just want to enjoy being a mom in my 30’s and have as much knowledge as possible. It’s so diff this time around.