born at 31 weeks & 2 days

Lexi • Preemie mom 6-18-18 💙

WELL GIRLS. I had my little boy!! Contractions started around 5:30 AM. Only a few were painful, so I thought nothing of it, took a bath to try and sooth them out. By 11 AM they were getting a little worse. Called my midwife's office and was told to go in. Was monitored for a few minutes and got my cervix checked. Got told I was 3 cm dilated. Since it was my first baby, I shouldn't have been dilated at all. Got admitted to the hospital around 12:30 PM. Concord all the high contractions with no pain meds until the last hour at 9:30 PM. Was really hoping for an all natural birth, but ended up going for a c-section.

31 weeks and living strong! 💪

Although he made his debut a little earlier than expected (by 2 months), we became parents today!

Isaac Linnenkohl Gowan. Born 06-18-18 @ 10:21PM.

He will be in the NICU for about a month, but we are so happy to finally put a face to our sweet boy. 💙