Not allowed to break up¿


Well... my girlfriend and I have been dating for a while.

We broke up for a couple months because she lied to me about another girl and I found out and stupidly took her back. She’s controlling and manipulative and makes my life so much harder. During those months I got with my other gay friend and was falling for her hard and she was too... getting back with my gf broke her heart and a part of mine too.

I still have feelings for the other girl still and I feel like she wouldn’t want to date me anyways because of what happened.

I keep trying to break up with my girlfriend and she always just says “no” and doesn’t let me.

Ive tried to break up with her so many times...

but she just says no.

I can’t hang with my friends without her.

I can’t have an outside life that doesn’t involve her...

Her whole family hates me and I hate them too.

They’re all horrible two face homophobes.

Before everything happened with my gf I didn’t mind so much that she was controlling.

But after it all I do.

I have trust issues and don’t feel the way I used to feel about her.

I was head over heals in love and couldn’t see what she was doing.

Now I only experience little bursts of the love I once felt.

But most of the time I feel resentment and loathing towards her...

I want to break up with her but other times I don’t?! I’ve tried to break up with her but she won’t let me!! What do I do!!!

(Byw I’m 18 and she’s 17 and we’re both still in school)