Movement at 10w 4d?!

Ash β€’ Married πŸ’

So as the title suggests i am 10w4days with my 1st baby. Everything is going well in the pregnancy so far. Last night i was asleep and the position i was sleeping was almost half on my belly, half to the side. In my sleep, i felt like (the only way i could explain it) was that my husband was softly flicking my lower stomach πŸ˜‚.

I remember getting annoyed cus it woke me up and i thought to myself why on earth is he doing this?! I tried to swat his hand away only to realise he was no where near my belly and that realisation made me jump up in bed! Did i just feel my little baby move for the first time?!

I thought it would be too early but theres nothing else it could be mistaken for!