Alcoholic/pathological lyer

Ok so I have this friend who has recently lost her little girl because of drinking etc etc.  problem I have is.....does she think I was born yesterday? She tells me constant lies about how she isn't a drunk, she doesn't have a problem etc, but attends AA meetings, has recently lost her driving license and got a fine due to drink driving, the stories she tells me are somewhat very jackanorie, she says that she got all her bruising from a person who knocked on her door one night and assaulted her and then ran off, could it be that she fell over drunk? Am sat at one end of the phone listening to her and thinking lies lies lies! She will say she isn't drunk but slurrs her words.  Am so tempted to tell her yes you are a alcoholic and the sooner you admit it the better! But I don't I tell her oh don't worry I know your not a alcoholic etc, only because I know she will try and top herself which I've caught her trying to once before! I know she lies and carry on drinking and lies to her family but what else can I do, she even has child services on her back.  Am totally at a loss with this