Beyond angry with doc office..LONG

So I just need to rant because I'm beyond angry. I'm not sure how many of you or even if any of you are familiar with the University of Iowa hospital and clinics but it's a huge hospital that has a billion different clinics in it as well. I see my family doctor there. And in EARLY June I had I guess normal routine blood work/tests done. There's this website where patients can get on and look at all their medical records and I JUST got signed up for it. Well like I said, I got tests done, never heard anything back about them to this day, so I assumed everything was fine. Well, I just got on that website and I can see all the results. Apparently quite a few tests came back ABNORMAL and NOBODY ever bothered to contact me about these issues or make me aware of them. Who does that?! Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong?! I feel as though they're the ones who should be responsible for that. I'm furious!