I doubt it but...Am I pregnant?

Shawna • Happily married to my amazing husband for going on 4 years this August. TTC baby #1. ☺️ ❤️8.26.11❤️
I took a test yesterday. I had a HUGE headache that turned into a migraine that then turned into dizziness and nausea that soon made me vomit (once). I get those headaches every so often so that was not new to me. I had to call off work because of my condition and everyone, including my husband, was telling me to take a test. I had a huge feeling I was not pregnant. I took a test last night-in person the test doesn't look like it has the faintest of line. now when I took a picture of it, either it really does have a REALLY faint line or my eyes/mind is screwing with me. im actually days away from my ovulation, according to this app, and my husband and I had unprotected sex a little over 2 weeks ago. I won't be upset if I'm not because I still have my huge doubts. haha I've had no symptoms besides what happened that I mentioned above.