So frustrated!

Not one but two people my husband and I know just announced they were pregnant yesterday now one of which I am truly happy for they got their rainbow baby, now the other I can't help but be so jealous and irritated they live at home with mommy and daddy have only been dating 7 months and oops their pregnant! WTF oh and did I mention they are both almost 30! What did I ever do so wrong I my life that I don't get to have the family I want! Why do I have to jump threw hoops and others get it so easy and take it for granted everyday! I wanted to scream last night when my husband told's not Fair and I know life's not fair but today I just want to shout from the roof tops Fu$k You! It's not fair! I am so ready to give up throw in the towel and call it a good day, if anyone needs me I'll be in the corner crying and feeling miserable