How do I? Advice greatly appreciated.

Stay content? Not stress it?

Our 3 year anniversary is coming up. We've been talking about getting engaged for a while now. He even asked for my family's blessing a few weeks ago. He's told me before that if we weren't engaged by 3 years, he would do it then.

Also, we are moving into our house together in the next two weeks or so. I'm really excited about this!!

So we were talking about our anniversary, and he asks me what I want as a gift? To me that means that he's not going to ask me on that day :( this is something I want so bad. I love him with all that I have?

However, I really don't want to think about it or stress it. I feel like my desire to get engaged might take some of the happiness out of this time for us (moving in an anniversary). I know I should just focus on enjoying those things... But it's hard sometimes.

Any advice or words of encouragement?