38 weeks and ready to be done

I'm 38 weeks 4 days prego with my 3rd baby. Baby is so low my hips and pelvic bone hurt so much I have to ice them or lay in a warm bath every morning and night. Went to the Drs she said I was 2cm dialated and 50% effective. In the last two weeks I have had contractions off and on like crazy. I have pulled serveral all nighters due to the pain shooting down my legs. Baby kicks and I feel like right in my vagina. I have walked, bounced, used a breast pump, ate pineapple , spicy food, baths, sex I don't know what else to do. Both my babies were induced at 42 weeks so I had no idea any of this happened. People keep telling me 3rd babies come quick but I'm already dialating and doesn't seem to be going quick. Lol heart burn, head aches and feeling like I'm gonna throw up most of the time. So overly uncomfortable dunno what else to do. So much pain It takes me five mins to stand up after sitting on couch. That's my rant/vent lol anyone else have any ideas how to get this baby out? I would keep it till 40 weeks but I'm honestly in so much pain I sit here and cry most nights. :( no more babies after this, not having fun at all. :(