Pharmacy Run Gone Wrong

Michelle • 4 kids, #5 due 8-25-15
So, I'm pretty much venting cuz of what happened at Walgreens today and my feelings were hurt.
So, I have either a tooth problem or a sinus infection. They always feel the same and are both really painful. I called my dr and dentist and the dentist can see me first (tomorrow) and until then he suggested that I pick up the sudafed that you have to get from the pharmacist. I can't take ibuprofen due to pregnancy (I'm 33 weeks). I've done this once before at about 17 weeks due to sinus infection. No problems and I got better and happily ever after til now...
So, I walk up to the pharmacy counter and ask for the regular sudafed that you get over the counter. The clerk was looking at me funny and asked if it was for me (I had my daughter with me). I said yes and that I talked to my dr about a sinus infection and he said to pick some up. She asked where my antibiotic prescription was, that I need that for a sinus infection. I tell her I have to go in the morning to see my dr. She stands there and stares at me for a minute then asks for my ID. I give it to her and she says that it's not me, that the person on my id (me) is younger, thinner, with darker skin. I let her know that I'm fat right now cuz I'm 8 months pregnant and that I can't go tanning right now and that I have no makeup on like I did in the pic. Also, I was in the process of changing my hair from black to blonde when my id pic was taken. I was at light brown at that point. In front of everyone she starts passing my id around in front of everyone there asking if they think that's really me cuz I look too old and big. Then they tell me I can't get the medication. I was so embarrassed and told them they made me feel terrible about myself. They didn't care. So, I was left in pain and completely humiliated about my appearance. 
I was crying so hard that I could barely catch my breath while sitting in the car calling their corporate office. Corporate was so nice and they were furious with this store. 
I tried to go over to CVS and it seems Walgreens called them to tell them that I might be over there because as soon as I got up to the counter they tell me they have no sudafed (before I even asked). 
So, now I'm embarrassed, I have no clue if sudafed is dangerous or why it's so forbidden, and I feel terrible about myself. I do look different than in my picture but if you look at it, it's still me. Has anyone else had any issues with their appearance drastically changing during pregnancy? It feels terrible.