Child support/dhr

Brittaney • I have an amazing 6 year old who is my world. And an amazing husband who i thought id never find after my first who treated me like crap for 12 years!
Does anyone know what happens when you goto court with this? I finally have my court date set for July 15. What will happen? My ex husband hasn't paid since last July,and it was court ordered with our divorce..I couldn't afford to hire an attorney for this so I went through dhr. What will happen? Best/worse case senario? Does only that get brought up or everything else he's in contempt for? Not helping with school clothes/supplies, no ins. On our son, moving out of state and not sending me a certified letter,not having rights because he chose no to take the parenting class that is court ordered when Divorced in my county..all of this is in our divorce papers,wipuld any of this be addressed or just the child support? Any advice or questions I may need to ask would be greatly appreciated!! I've never been to court before so I'm extreme nervous!!