Implantation bleeding or period?? #TTC#1

Nala • Living life. TTC #1
Can I get implantation bleeding on the day that my period is due? Cause today my period is due and I barely got anything. This morning when I wiped I seen bright red blood.. So as usually I thought AF was on time. But later on in the morning I checked and there was only a dot of blood on my pad, I thought maybe it was starting off slow.. Couple hours later I go back to check I notice that its starting to look Brown.. Like when I finish my period. I wiped and it was a light pink colour.. I showered and everything.. Still no sign of AF. Usually AF makes a scene when she arrive.. I would have been in pain. But I'm only experiencing mild cramps. Does this sound like implantation bleeding or what??? P.S: I am TTC#1