is it too late to bring charges against my ex?

I moved out of state to get away from my ex and his family. For 2 years I was getting beat and harassed horribly but that family felt my anger while they were in the process. They took my phone then deleted videos and photos of the evidence of getting beat by him. His mom work for the state so she always stayed around my house until I got him to tell the police I had a warrant so I can go to jail for another female. When I called the police when she brought her daughter with her daughter and my ex girlfriend they ignored me. She told the police I had a warrant. They allowed her to go get the warrant papers that I was clueless about. I refused to go get a charge thrown on me because his mom had connections with the state and prosecutor office. I tried to go to circuit to file abuse charges but I couldn't because they filed false abuse claims on me so I couldn't talk. They would file false information so I wouldn't get served. A court officer threatened to take me to jail because I was going to a court secretary for help and he knew who I was referring to and who I was. it was a block each way I went. They deleted everything out my phone because I had evidence. They stayed around my house to make sure I didn't talk. The prosecutor office denied my request to get help. All they was allowed to do was come over harass me and take pictures of my tags. They even had police calls about me from another city. I just need to understand why this happened to me over a female that later admitted to setting them up. His mom found her son beating me funny to her. For 2 years I went through this and it just ended in November. He was allowed to beat me but I have so many witnesses with testimony who have even called the police. They ignored me. They was sending pictures of me  to everybody on Facebook defaming me. they basically took away my rights and evidence and left me helpless. I'm in Arkansas our limitation is 2 years. Charges was filed in August