Three hour glucose test question/rant

I had the hardest time getting my three hour test scheduled since my doctor doesn't do it and the local labs wouldn't return my phone calls. I finally got in on Thursday to take it. I was up all night worrying about my results. I called my OB at 10 am to ask for my results and was told they weren't in yet. I called the lab at 11 am and they said they had sent them to my OB at 11 pm the night before and they could not tell them to me over the phone. I realized my OB closes at noon on Friday, so I called at 11:45 to ask again and they had already turned off their phones for the weekend. So now I'm left with having to wait all weekend to hear my results. I'm a bit upset. My question for those of you who have taken it and those of you who have been diagnosed is how did you feel during the test? I felt ok. I thought I was getting a bit queasy a few times, but overall I was fine. I've been tired a lot lately though and I think I am getting thrush, so I am a little concerned.