The beginning of morning sickness?

Kaitlin • Wife to SB. Mommy to PB and LJ.
Since like the day I found out I was pregnant (almost 4 weeks), I've been gaggy. Just kind of lightly sensitive. This past week (I am 5 weeks and 6 days) it's gotten worse a little each day. I got up to pee before bed last night and I dry heaved hard core for about 10 minutes. Then through out the day I've felt nauseated and really sensitive to my stomach but no more dry heaving. It's not quite 6 weeks yet (when they say most people start to experience it), is this the beginning of impending morning sickness or would you say I'm already there? 
By the way, Preggie Pop drops stopped my dry heaving a few seconds after being popped into my mouth! For anyone else suffering.