Possible Heart Problems???

Kristen • Hi! I've been married since 12/31/13. My husband and I have a 1 year old and we just had another girl in August 2015!
For most of my 3rd trimester I'll have periods of time where my heart will random race. I'll be laying there watching tv with hubs and suddenly my heart will just race and it'll do it for hours. My OB originally thought it was anxiety, but I saw a therapist and she said it wasn't anxiety which I didn't think so either cause I have no other symptoms but the racing heart. And it'll last hours. Like one time it lasted from 10pm-2:30am. I could feel my body was exhausted and I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't calm my heart down. My OB said that it might be because I got pregnant again 6 months after having our first and my heart might not be coping well with the extra blood volume so soon. We don't know yet. I go in on Monday to get a heart monitor put on me and if the results aren't good then I'll either put me on strict bed rest or they'll induce me early. I'm 33 weeks today. I'm so nervous. Anyone else been through this? Any empathy or words of advise? What was your experience like? I just want some comfort that everything will be ok please. I'm losing my mind with worry a little bit.