I just want a family of my own.

To have a child of my own with my amazing husband. We've been ttc for 9 months and no luck yet. We both came from alot of family problems and bad childhoods. I was put in foster care, child abuse, and my adoptive parents (my grandparents on my birth mother's side) getting a divorce, then my dad dating a woman who only wants his money. My husband has gone through neglect, his parents were both drug addicts til he was about 13 (he's 21 now), his older siblings steal his crap and start fights with him just because their mom took care of him just a fraction of an inch more than she did them. Since u moved from Arkansas to California to live with him and marry him his family keeps saying he's choosing me over them. They've tried splitting us up, blaming me for shit they've done to themselves (ex: his brother says the only reason him and my husband fight is because "I'm a bitch that can't keep my mouth shut" when I'm trying to defend their mom as he calls her a bitch just cause she didn't take him so see his daughter or pick him up (he's 30, homeless, disabled, a druggy, and got kicked out by his ex gf/baby mama). Another ex: after I moved here he got a new job and after paying rent and everything we were supposed to pay we couldn't give anybody else money.) I know what you all will say "we need to move now" well were saving up to move. we're going back to Arkansas as soon as we can. Sorry I know this is long. I don't want putty. I just wanted to say how I feel. I just want to have a family if my own so I can give them all the love and happiness I can... give them everything I ever wanted. I just want to give my kids the life they deserve.